Modern Painters - Rising of the surface, Michael Slenske, September 2013

He’s got an incredible eye for detail...If you look at Dennis’s phone pictures, there are really no family or friends or party shots… It’s all just drips and stains and various textures. It’s like this encyclopedic index he’s working on.” 

— Justin Lowe
— Justin Lowe
There are rugged fold paintings—think of them as gutterized Hantais—that have traveled from California to New York in Hoekstra’s suitcase. From a distance, another canvas looks like an aquatic-toned Rothko with a plastic sheet overlaid at the top. The abstraction and flatness bend with the light and angles, and from up close the contours appear so rough that it seems lightning has charged the paint across the fabric.
— Michael Slenske

W Magazine - Rock of Ages: a famous Los Angeles rock club is reborn, Michael Slenske, July 2015

Hoekstra recreated the DJ booth and VIP room, with a painting of a Ziggy Stardust-ed David Bowie from Bingenheimer’s personal collection installed on a jagged, black faux-brick wall which Hoekstra made as an homage to the artist Gordon Matta-Clark.
— Michael Slenske

Art in AMERICA - Music: The Fell-Apart Team & the Bushes at Rodney Bingenheimer's English Disco, OCTOBER 2015

Sunset Boulevard is chock full of ghosts of entertainment’s past. Artist Dennis Hoekstra realized this when he learned the history of the building now occupied by ltd los angeles.
— A.I.A.

Los Angeles Magazine - An art installation revives one of the most glamorous clubs to rock the Sunset Strip, Alison Martino, September 2015

Dennis built the disco’s VIP booth and DJ booth exactly how they used to look. He even recreated the bricks! ...A lot of the posters and pictures in the installation are the same ones that were used in the actual English Disco and they all came from my collection. Dennis Hoekstra was very committed to this project and went out of his way to get every detail perfect.
— Rodney Bingenheimer

Domus Magazine - The Betty Roberts Room: Inside the Pacific Design Center, a room is deconstructed, broken, dimmed, shuttered, its white walls left only to be imagined, APRIL 2012

For the unsuspecting, the signal being sent reads, “do not enter.” How odd, a renovation of some sort being done at night. Did something go wrong in there? Did something malfunction? Interesting that the surroundings of this low-lit would-be mess deter some, while emboldening others.
— Katya Tylevich

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